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More than a minor sidetrack

posted Jul 24, 2008, 10:59 PM by Brian Tanner
I had to do a little more fancy footwork than originally planned in order to make the recordbook client software easy to distribute.  Basically, I created a new open source project (a tiny one) AWS-Remote-Signing that easily supported either local or remote signing of requests to the Amazon Web Services.  I also had to patch the two software libraries I'm using: Typica (Amazon Simple Queue Service) and Jets3t (Amazon Simple Storage Service and later Simple Database).  The patching process went very well thanks to well designed code in these two projects.  I've submitted patches to the lead developers in both cases, we'll see if they're interested in integrating.

Anyway, the point is that the RecordBook now has a secondary authorization system.  Users can get accounts from me, and then can run RecordBook processes without compromising the security of my AWS account.  I just have to write a bit more code to actually do some tracking of how computing everyone is doing so that we can get fancy stats out.

To summarize: progress is being made again and I'm getting optimistic that we'll be beta testing the recordbook soon.  Technicallly the skeleton is working and I can do all the crucial stuff end-to-end.