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Logs and Passwords

posted Aug 28, 2008, 1:55 PM by Brian Tanner


One of the compute nodes on Eureka crashed and I don't know why.  To fix this, I've updated the bash script to redirect compute node output and error streams to log files in /logs that are roughly named ${HOSTNAME}${TIME}.out and ${HOSTNAME}${TIME}.err.  I wish I'd thought of this in the very first place, because I expended considerable effort trying to do the file naming and management through capistrano.  The bash script approach makes more sense, will work on all hosts, and is simpler.


Another problem with the current rudimentary setup is that you either have to manually put the password into the run script, or you need to interactively type it in.

I'd like to create a better system for getting passwords and other configuration information into the nodes.  I see two straightforward ways to do it.

First, you can make it such that the node reads username/password information from a file, which optionally might only be readable by you.  Second would be to read them from environment variables.

Both are probably roughly the same difficulty.  I'm going to spend some time now overhauling the settings/preference/configuration system to support this easily.